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January 30, 2012 / kaitlynkh

Are you Pinterested?

Welcome to PeakedMyPinterest. For the past 6-ish months, I can’t remember a day that hasn’t included an hour (or much much more) devoted to feeding my creative hunger on Pinterest. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, I feel sorry for the rock you’re hiding under and therefore would like to offer you an explanation of the site:

Pinterest is a place to organize and share online images that you find interesting or inspiring. Once uploaded or shared on Pinterest, these images become known as Pins, which the user can place on customized, themed Boards. You can create Boards for any topic imaginable, from cats to classic cars to cats driving classic cars (or in my case, mouth-watering dessert recipes and intricate braided hairstyles). The possibilities are endless, and that’s just one of the  reasons I can’t stay away.

Since I’ve been a member of the site, I have not only transformed my baking (and even cooking) capabilities with recipes that make my family members salivate, but I have created my own candles, decided on a color-scheme for my wedding (get excited, fiance!), and learned a new fitness routine: Yes, I am a person of Pinterest and it’s only right to share these adventures with the world.

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  1. Lisa Fergus / Feb 8 2012 7:20 pm

    How do you take screen photos like that? You’ll have to show me!!

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