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February 3, 2012 / kaitlynkh

#1. Try everything you Pin at least once

When you spend an abnormal amount of time pinning, re-pinning, and pin-lusting, you start to notice repetition in things that are trending. It can be easy to forget that in order for there to be new content consistently, you have to post things from outside sources. We all know how easy it is to “re-pin” and the same goes for “liking’ something on Facebook because we’re too lazy or perhaps embarrassed to put an actual response out there. That being said, there are those few items that I rarely get tired of seeing because it’s either a) too cute, b) motivational words, or c) ryan gosling.

The same goes for those photos that depict places you’re dying to visit, bucket list activities, and daily feel good occurances that happen to us.

(One of the things I look forward to most post-wedding…Especially Sunday brunches with the paper in hand)

(Most likely more trouble than it’s worth, but definitely something you would never forget)

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