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February 6, 2012 / kaitlynkh

Catching Fire

As is the case with many start-ups, Pinterest went unnoticed for a long period of time before it surfaced on everyone’s radar, but thanks to (not-so) desperate housewives, 20-something hipsters, and wedding fanatics, the Pinterest logo is on its way to becoming omnipresent like its brother and sister sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) But in order for a website like this to make a permanent home in the world of social media, it should function just as smoothly within corporate standards. Based on today’s article in the Chicago TribuneWhole Foods Market has rallied more than 11,000 followers since joining Pinterest in July. Michael Bepko, global online community manager at Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods stated, “We slowly started to realize this is a great way to drive people to our recipe database.” I second this notion, as I am following Whole Foods boards and as you know, frequently borrow recipes from the site. While companies may have to get a little creative with how to utilize Pinning to its full potential, it’s important to realize that the site’s free rein on imagination is all part of that process.

Any opinions on a site that fosters everything from “Pinterest Parties” to Business endeavors? Can you have your cake and dress it up in a suit and tie too?

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