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February 9, 2012 / kaitlynkh

Luxury Bridal Expo Chicago

“Congratulations to all the brides in the room…You deserve it” — Actual first words from the bridal fashion show MC last night. After laughing, I spent the next few minutes thinking how absurd that sounded, but I’m not here to criticize (ha, I can’t even take the seriously) Minus the Joan Rivers imitation MC whose dress was too short for her age, we had a wonderful time at the event

The Drury Lane event drew quite a crowd which led my Mom and I to ask ourselves all night how many of those women threw on their fake Cubic Zirconias and just showed up for the free champagne and chocolate fountains? (I know I said I’m not here to criticize, but those who know me know that sarcasm is never far away).  Of course all the vendors were over-eager to grab our attention, but most of them who we did speak with were very helpful. Realistically, we walked away with 3 companies/ideas that I will definitely be pursuing and a very thick, amazing anniversary issue of BRIDES which I spent hours looking through with my parents last night. Honestly, the options are endless and that’s the part that overwhelms me. I would sound spoiled by saying that fewer choices would make the decision process easier, but looking at pictures of everything makes me want to do well, everything.

Here are a few of my favorite vendors/ideas from the event:

(Black and white cake from Delicity)

(Martini cake from Tipsycake, which also looks like an adorable place for a shower)

(Photobooth fun, compliments of I Do)

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