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March 27, 2012 / kaitlynkh

Spring Showers Bring Birthday Flowers

My mother has never let one of my birthday’s go by without going above and beyond to make sure it’s even better than the last. When November 21st rolls around, I am without fail left feeling stuffed from her savory baking, beaming from the thought she put into my gifts and feeling so lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful family. We are big fan’s of birthday outings in my family, but this year, my Dad and I decided to make brunch for her at home. We took care of everything from banners and balloons (key for an at-home celebration) and the menu which included apple smoked bacon, fruit-filled waffles (thanks to my sis-in-law) and scrambled eggs. As usual, dessert was my job and the minute I saw this Sunflower cake, I knew I had found the perfect choice. That was my Grandmother’s (mom’s mom) favorite flower, so I knew it would be a nice way to represent her on my mom’s day and she definitely appreciated the sentiment.

Peeps + Chocolate Chips = The best tasting Sunflower

The mimosa’s were flowing by 10AM and we spent the rest of the early afternoon outside with my niece and nephew tossing the football and blowing bubbles. As Brady Bunch as this scene sounds, my Mom enjoys nothing more than all of us being together, so I think it was the perfect gift. Well, that plus her Birchbox subscription.

We also managed to squeeze in a few Because I Shop Too Much photos. Keep an eye out for the site launch in June!


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  1. therisselmanfamily / Mar 27 2012 11:43 pm

    Super cute post! 🙂

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