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April 12, 2012 / kaitlynkh

Business as (Not-so) Usual

I consider myself to be a “do it all” kind of girl, so the fact that I have a full-time job, a business endeavor in the works, and a wedding in the planning stages doesn’t phase me much. I’ve always liked being busy, and this week definitely didn’t disappoint in that respect: Photographer meeting, business meeting, family dinner, church meeting, breathe. Yes, remembering to breathe is definitely going to be key in the next year. But before I do that, let me give you the rundown on the business:

“Because I Shop Too Much” is an online marketplace that will allow you to buy, sell, and swap your clothing and accessories. Lisa and I are really excited about our fashion-focused site with a social networking element which means you can “shop” other users closets  but also spark some conversation in the process about new trends and where to find the best deals. As opposed to some re-sale shops, the site has an open policy regarding brands and labels so there is no limit on what you wish to sell (within reasonable limits of course, no used skivvy’s please!) And ladies, this means that it’s totally acceptable to purchase all of those drool-worthy clothes you eye on Pinterest, and then re-sell/swap them for new ones 🙂

Watch for the site come Summer 2012!

Sisters Marie

Our Inspiration


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